Are you a Pretty Little Liar?

This is a popular much music Canadian show that I sometimes watch. It is a murder mystery between four best friends that go to highschool. They are playing a role of 16-year olds, that encounter the hardships of having a friend murdered and coping with family, friends, and school life. Its a great show that gets you wondering whats going to happen next.

I feel that if I watched this while I was younger I would have tried my best to look like these girls in highschool, only because the show is highly foused on fashion. As crazy as it may seem, Aria (third looking at the image from left to right) was wearing these neon green high heels that was greatly talked about after the show is now avliable at Aldo shoe stores.

Now aside from the shows popularity, these girls are now famous Canadian celebrities that set a trend for many teen girls. I watch this show and ask myself, how old are these girls trying to be. Their role is to be a 16-year old but the dress like models on a runway. They look more like 23-year olds, is that a message that we want to portray in the media? Are our teenage girls suppose to dress like this when they go to school? Why do tv shows like to overdress and exaggerate the idea of teenage girls? The fashion that is depicted on this show is highly influential and may teens can relate to it. This makes me question, what is school? Do we go there to learn or to socialize? School give us a safe public space to explore with our identity, but does that mean exploit our sexuality?

This image was found from another website blog, which actually helps teens get the style and look they desire to be one of the “pretty-little-liars” I ask myself how much of a liar are you to your self identity?


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